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When the publication of the newspaper “ Lemkivski Visti ” (Lemko News) ceased in the beginning of 1979, the World Federation of Lemkos charged the Lemko Research Foundation in the U.S. with publishing the quarterly journal “ Lemkivshchyna ” in its place.

“We deeply believe that you will welcome it into the thresholds of your hospitable homes with the appropriate understanding and love,” it was written in the address to the Ukrainian community in the first edition of Lemkivshchyna . Today, with the perspective of time, we can say that the wishes of the first editors of the journal came true.

The path of the journal was not easy. Editors (Uliana Starosolska, Orest Pytlar, Ivan Liko, Peter Matyashek, Maria Duplak), editorial boards, publishers and, most of all, circles of readers changed. But, all of the editors always tried to please the publishers, as well as the readers; they did and still do this in order to show that Lemkivshchyna is necessary to us and that it must be published. But this is not easy, especially financially.

Practically during the entire period of Lemkivshchyna’s existence, it is possible to find consistent headings: culture and art, national traditions, memoirs, correspondence on timely topics, the life of the organization, an English section and, more recently, “SFULO Bulletin.”

Our journal travels the world. With the independence of Ukraine and the relocation of the seat of the World Federation of Lemkos (now the World Federation of Ukrainian Lemko Unions) to Ukraine, a profound number of journals are sent to Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, former Yugoslavia and Croatia.

Lemkivshchyna unites us, informs about our work, and is a platform for the exchange of ideas. It has been accomplishing its mission already for more than a quarter of a century.

We are proud of its achievements; we are happy that Lemkivshchyna is a product of the Organization for the Defense of Lemko-Western Ukraine in the U.S. and a symbolic platform, which unites the members of OOL with our brothers and sisters in our native lands and scattered throughout the world.