First Row (L-R): Nestor Mazurchak, Ivan Lyko, Ivan Luchkanych, Andriy Falat, Andriy Nadiak
Second Row (L-R): Stefan Adamchuk, Stafan Stefaniv, Ivan Shchuryn, Mr. Shpak

Branch #17 in Rochester was organized in 1982, at which time there were 31 members. Our branch always participated together with other organizations, such as U.C.C.A (Ukrainian Congress Committee of America), in the uniting of organizations in the city of Rochester. We organized various celebrations and dances. Our branch conducted fundraising for displaced persons from Poland who found themselves in Austria or Italy, as well as sent clothing to Poland and to those people who needed assistance. During the Christmas season, Branch #17 also organizes Christmas caroling to fundraise.

Heads of Branch #17 have included: Ivan Luchkanych, Ivan Lyko, A. Prytyskach, I. Riopka, Stefan Adamchuk, Stefan Stefaniv, and the current head, Ivan Shchuryn.